Advent: December 23: The Light of the Whole World

Light does not just give us the ability to see and help us to grow things, light fuels our souls. God made us this way! Exposure to light increases our brain’s release of serotonin when it cues special areas in our eyes, which is a hormone that boosts mood and helps make you happy. ThisContinue reading “Advent: December 23: The Light of the Whole World”

Advent: December 22: He’s Here!

Despite the stereotype we give donkeys, they are actually quite intelligent hard workers with exceptional memories. They remember good and bad experiences well for many years to come, and they prioritize their behavior based on survival. Therefore, they are not always seen as the most obedient animal because of their stubbornness, but deep down, theyContinue reading “Advent: December 22: He’s Here!”

Advent: December 21: Get Ready!

I’m convinced that the Lord loves to make us wait for everything, but yet being patient for good things in expectancy is probably one of the hardest things we can do as human beings. The world around us is enveloped in waiting… Caterpillars go through metamorphosis inside the chrysalis for 2 weeks. During this time,Continue reading “Advent: December 21: Get Ready!”

Advent: December 20: God’s Messenger

Storms at seas are a frequent part of life. Sailors know when the storms are coming well before they appear. The wind will begin to pick up speed and change direction, the sky may change color, and the clouds will change shape. These storms happen because of differences in air temperature coming from different directions.Continue reading “Advent: December 20: God’s Messenger”

Advent: December 19: Daniel and the Scary Sleepover

Imagine waking up at midnight and eating lunch, going to school, and playing with your friends. Nocturnal animals do this. These are animals that are awake and do most of their hunting at night, including bats, raccoons, pangolins, leopards, and owls. But why? Lions will rest up to 21 hours per day and come outContinue reading “Advent: December 19: Daniel and the Scary Sleepover”

Advent: December 18: Operation No More Tears

If you are up early enough to view a sunrise, you will most definitely take a moment and appreciate the beauty of it. But how is it that the sky changes colors so dramatically throughout the day? It is yet, another one of God’s creative uses for light to bring beauty to the world aroundContinue reading “Advent: December 18: Operation No More Tears”

Advent: December 17: A Little Servant Girl and the Proud General

Over 70% of the earth is made of water. It is composed of oxygen and hydrogen. It can change form depending on the temperature, dissolve things, and help things to grow. We, as humans, cannot live without it. Not only do we need water, we need clean water regularly not just to drink, but toContinue reading “Advent: December 17: A Little Servant Girl and the Proud General”

Advent: December 16: The Good Shepherd

In the past couple years, I have become enamored with Babydoll Southdown Sheep. They are small, cute, cuddly, and very soft. They have a friendly personality, and they even have a permanent expression on their face that looks like a smile. So, as every small landowner asks herself, I have been looking into what itContinue reading “Advent: December 16: The Good Shepherd”

Advent: December 15: The Young Hero and the Horrible Giant

When rocks travel along rivers and streams they collide with the bed (or bottom) and other rocks eventually causing them to resolve into smooth shapes through the processes of abrasion, collision, and erosion. Once the rocks have lost all of their protrusions and rough edges, and settle on the bottom of a brook, it thenContinue reading “Advent: December 15: The Young Hero and the Horrible Giant”

Advent: December 14: The Teeny, Weenie… True King

Bees. Not the cuddliest animal, and certainly seen more as a nuisance for many people. They are creepy crawly, buzz around, and even sting. The fact is, no matter how much we may not like these small creatures, bees are one of the most valuable creatures on the face of the Earth to our survival.Continue reading “Advent: December 14: The Teeny, Weenie… True King”