Advent: December 23: The Light of the Whole World

Luke 2

Light does not just give us the ability to see and help us to grow things, light fuels our souls. God made us this way! Exposure to light increases our brain’s release of serotonin when it cues special areas in our eyes, which is a hormone that boosts mood and helps make you happy. This is a chemical reaction that happens in our brains because we NEED light, and God knew we needed it. And, He knew that if we had it and we were outside in His Creation, we would see Him around us.

Jesus is called the “Light of the World” because He acts as light to our souls. He is the only light for our world, no alternatives. He is the only one that we need. He opens our eyes and helps us to see true joy and happiness is found only in Him. He is always there, always available even when we are in the dark, and, one day, when He returns, He will fill the whole world with His light for all time.

John Piper wrote: “If you follow him now, you will have him as your light in advance of that great day. True, he will reveal your sins. Which is a precious gift — like the fortunate early diagnosis of a deadly cancer. But even more, he will reveal all that is beautiful. He will be the light in which you see God — the light in which you see the history of redemption and the work of salvation.

He will be the light in which you see mountains and valleys and oceans and rivers and trees and animals and people. Nothing will be the same again when you have him as your light. Everything looks different in the light of Christ. Yes, even earthquakes and tsunamis and suffering and death. Until his light fills the earth as the waters cover the sea — until it banishes sin and sickness and pain and earthquakes to the outer darkness — until then, even now, his light will help you bear the sorrows of darkness.”


Go outside today (hopefully the sun is shining) with a friend and some chalk. Have your partner strike a pose so that their shadow is on the ground. Outline their shadow with the chalk.

Why does a shadow form?

Come back to that same area 15 minutes later. What happened to the outline if you stay in the same place?

Now, hold up something transparent (that you can see through), like a glass or a window. Outline with the chalk.

How is this different than the shadow of your friend?


Ask God to draw you out of darkness into His marvelous light. Ask Him to show you His goodness, His nature, and His promises, so that you can finally see. Ask Him to save you so that you can be in His light for all time.

As Him to move THROUGH you. Don’t be like a shadow that blocks His light from coming through. Be as transparent as a stained-glass window, allowing God’s light to shine through you so that others can see Him too.

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