Advent: December 17: A Little Servant Girl and the Proud General

2 Kings 5

Over 70% of the earth is made of water. It is composed of oxygen and hydrogen. It can change form depending on the temperature, dissolve things, and help things to grow. We, as humans, cannot live without it.

Not only do we need water, we need clean water regularly not just to drink, but to also clean ourselves in. Many people rave about the healing properties of water. How it can boost our energy, decrease our stress, and help us remain free of disease.

The Bible, however, uses water symbolically throughout scripture. It is mentioned over 700 times in the Bible. One of the ways in which it is mentioned is spiritual cleansing.

Hebrews 10:22 states: Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from and evil conscious and our bodies washed with pure water.

This is what God was teaching Naaman. He was showing him that he not only needed to wash with water to clean his body from leprosy, but he needed to cleanse his heart from his sin.


Go outside and dig in the mud. Look at your hands and how dirty they are.

Then, go wash yourself under the hose. What happened to your hands?


Think about when you washed your hands with the water. How is God calling you to wash yourself clean on the inside? Is there anything tainting your heart that you need to confess? Know that when you confess and allow Him to wash you clean, like Naaman, He forgives you and loves you.

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