Advent: December 15: The Young Hero and the Horrible Giant

1 Samuel 17

When rocks travel along rivers and streams they collide with the bed (or bottom) and other rocks eventually causing them to resolve into smooth shapes through the processes of abrasion, collision, and erosion.

Once the rocks have lost all of their protrusions and rough edges, and settle on the bottom of a brook, it then becomes polished as sediment washes over it for decades.

These are the stones that David chose in that shallow brook in the valley. They were perfectly polished and perfected because of the gentle and steady flow of water over their surfaces. They were aerodynamic, swift, and accurate.

As he quickly selected these stones in faith, he selected one for Goliath and possibly 4 more for Goliath’s brothers. He was prepared to fight and prepared to be victorious because the hand of God was upon him.

God provided exactly what David needed to be able to conquer the giant and save His people because it was a part of his grand plan. He used David, the unlikely king and the skills he had as a mere shepherd to continue His story.


Go outside and find 5 smooth stones. Get some paint, a paintbrush, and some water. Paint on the 5 smooth stones the story of David. Then, try to tell the story by using the rocks you painted.


Think about how God orchestrated the battle between David and Goliath. He placed them in a valley that was formed by the hand of God just perfectly so the stream ran through there at the right velocity and speed to produced perfect stones, just deep enough where David could quickly grab them. God used it all.

Think about things that you are good at and talents you may have. What are some ways you think God could use those talents and skills for His glory? Do you have faith, like David, that He will provide you the resources to complete what you need to complete? Do you believe God will be victorious over all of the struggles in the midst of the battle?

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