Advent: December 12: Ten Ways to Be Perfect

Exodus 16-17, 19-40

A “law” in nature is a description of an observed phenomenon that occurs the same way every time under the same conditions. It does not describe the how or why behind it. It just says that it does a certain thing.

Think about Newtons’ first law of motion, or the law of inertia: an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

For example, on land, penguins seem to be quite slow and clumsy. However, they know how to use Newton’s First Law to its fullest. When an emperor penguin is hunting, it pushes off the ground with its feet and slides onto its stomach. The speed increases as the sliding continues downhill until it reaches the edge of the iceberg where it soars into the water and continues swimming towards its prey. It will continue to stay in motion until it is acted upon by another force, such as need to change direction, a predator, or even accumulating air under its feathers.

This law applies to everything here on Earth and in space, along with various laws of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology. It makes the world around us a complex, yet interesting puzzle, that no one yet has been able to explain.

From the beginning of time, God set boundaries and rules for us as people in order to protect us and for a purpose. In Jeremiah 33:25, the Bible describes some of these laws as “ordinances.” Through them, He can accomplish His will.

Laws, rules, and commandments are good. They help us to learn to obey God, and He upholds the universe in a consistent way throughout all time.

He knows that if we were left to ourselves that we would live in chaos and quarreling. He knows that we wouldn’t be able to do this life on our own. He knew it from the beginning of all time and he even knew it when he gave Moses the Ten Commandments. He knew that these rules would not be the thing that saved them. He knew that there was only one who could keep all of the rules, and that is Jesus. He was the only one who could rescue them.


Go outside and find a swing or make your own from a tree. When someone pushes you on the swing, this acts as an external force that pushes you forward and gravity pulls you towards the ground.

What happens if you pump your legs back and forth?

What happens if you just stay still over a period of time?


Think about some rules that you have with your family. Why do you think your parents make those rules? Are they to keep you safe, to give you boundaries, to make sure that you are healthy, to teach you to be a good friend? Do certain rules hold more weight than other rules?

Do they expect you to keep them perfectly all of the time? If you break a rule, does it change their love for you?

This is how Jesus is towards us. He wants us to know how to live for Him, but, if we mess up, his love transcends the rules and His forgiveness covers all offenses.

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