Advent: December 11: God Makes a Way

Exodus 14-15

Wind is caused by differences in air pressure. Can you see the wind? No, but you do always know it is there. Depending on its speed, it can be a light breeze on your face on a hot day, or a mighty storm that could knock down a 200-year-old tree.

The parting of the Red Sea was one of the most miraculous displays of God’s sovereignty and power over nature and the elements. How He positioned Moses and the Israelites in the correct place at the correct time and ordered the winds and sea to obey for the exact amount of time needed for His people to cross over safely is phenomenal.

Through understanding fluid dynamics, we know that strong winds can affect water levels greatly. One model had shown that due to the U-shaped formation of the Nile River and a shallow lagoon, 63 mile per hour winds that blew for 12 hours straight could have push back waters 6’ deep. This would allow a passage with walls of water on each side, and an abrupt end to this passage causing the water to rush back in.

Although many people over the years have tried to show that this could not have happened, many scientists have shown that this could in fact have happened due to natural and physical laws, and only God could have done this in such a perfectly conducted way.


Go outside with a pan and a straw. Fill the pan an inch deep with water. Blow through the straw and try to see if you can separate the water. How far apart can you separate the water? How long were you able to hold it? Try straws with different diameters.


Think about how big and powerful God is; He has the wind and seas at His command. If God is big enough to part the Red Sea, He is certainly big enough to lead us and protect us. Do you believe this? If God told you He would make a way where there was no way, would you trust Him?

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