Advent: December 8: The Girl No One Wanted

Genesis 29-30

Spiders. Every year when the weather gets cold, they start to creep into our homes. And although we should give some species of spiders the respect they deserve, these creatures are an amazing asset to our lives.

Spiders are one of the most helpful predators in controlling pests, like roaches, ants, fleas, aphids, caterpillars, earwings, flies, moths, and those pesky mosquitos. Through spinning their webs with care, spiders are able to capture and eat these creatures. As they capture and control these creature populations, they also prevent the spread of disease among humans and other mammals that we may use for food. Some scientists even go as far to say that there would be a famine without them due to the overpopulation of some of our crop-eating bugs.

But how does something so small capture all of these insects? A web. With ease, it transforms liquid silk inside its body and pulls it through the spinnerets (silk-secreting organs). It then lifts it into the breeze so that it is able to attach to another tree. The straight lines in the web are made so that the spider can travel along them without getting stuck in her own trap. And then, touching the web with the tops of their feet (that have a non-stick coating), spiders selectively put drops of “glue” on some of their silk as they move around the web in a circular direction.

Despite their unattractive traits and creepy crawling, God designed these amazing 8-legged creatures with precision and purpose.

It is evident throughout the Bible that God can take something seemingly insignificant and use it for His glory.

Leah was a girl who felt like no one wanted her. She was used and she was tossed aside. She was not valued. However, despite how humans may treat us in our lives, we have a significant value in God’s eyes. Even though Leah did not feel loved, God used her significantly: eventually Jesus, the Savior, would come from her family line.

What we learn if we look closely into the world God created is that He never does things on accident, and everything has a purpose.


Go outside and identify different types of spider webs that you may see.  

  • Orb Web-  the most common type that you would typically find. These are placed in areas where there would be a lot of high-traffic for flying insects to capture.
  • Tangle Web- look in a low corner for a messy and disorganized web. The sticky parts of this web are at the bottom close to where an insect may walk across and get tangled up.
  • Funnel Web- this funnel-shaped design has a hole in the middle where the spider hides in the middle from predators. When the spider senses someone walking across its sticky mat, it rushes out to get them.


Think about a time where you felt unwanted or upset. If God cares so much to design a spider so perfectly and cared for Leah so much to put her in Jesus’ family, don’t you think that He also created you and cares for you? Thank God today for His design, His plan, and the purpose He has for your life.

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