Advent: December 4: A New Beginning

Genesis 6-9

Rainbows are some of the most unique and exciting events that happen in our day to day lives. Any time there is an opportunity to view one, we always cheer and stand in awe.

Rainbows are formed after a rain shower when the sun comes back out. The remaining raindrops in the sky act as tiny prisms through which the white light from the sun shines through. As the light passes through, it then reflects off the other side of the droplet of water and goes out the other side of the sky as an arc (or “bow”) of color that is broken up into the color spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. It appears to us when we are looking from just the right angle relative to the sun (42 degrees to the original ray of sunlight in fact).

In Genesis 9:13, God gave the rainbow as a symbol to Noah after the Great Flood, which represented a promise to redeem His creation and His people and to allow us to start again and to set things right. Not only did we have the chance to graciously be rescued from the flood, but He promised to send His Son Jesus to save us from our sins and create for us a forever home with Him in heaven.  


Make your own rainbow using the sun’s light. Take a glass full of water outside with a white sheet of paper. When the sun is low in the sky (early or later in the day), place a sheet of paper on the other side of the glass opposite of the sun. Keep moving your angles until you can see a rainbow reflected on the sheet of paper.

What colors appear and in what order? Draw and color your observations.


Think about the time you have seen a rainbow in the clouds after a rain and looked up at the sky in awe. Next time you see one, remember God’s promise and the redemptive story of Jesus behind it all. Thank Him for giving us another chance and for sending His Son to save us.

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