Advent: December 3: The Terrible Lie

After Satan told a terrible lie and Adam and Eve trusted him instead of God, we were left with a curse. The paradise and provision God gave us in the garden became tainted by a deep scar that has been with humans since that time. Instead of spending all of our time communing with God, we were to spend our time working and toiling.

In agriculture, one thing that is said is that the ground will grow something. Dirt just doesn’t stand still. It will either be weeds, thorns, and thistles or good vegetables beautiful flowers, or fruitful trees, but whatever we want it to make we have to work for it. If left to its own accord, we will be left with infertile soil that only produces weeds that choke out the good crops. The interesting thing is that weeds are really seen as “glitches” within good soil and symptoms of a deeper issue. Weeds arrive on the scene because there is some sort of deficiency that prompts nature to repair a larger systemic damage.  

For example, the dandelion. These weeds grow in compacted soil for a reason. They have deep taproots that break up the soil and when the roots decompose, they create pathways in the soil for water and nutrients.  Clumping grasses, on the other hand, are likely growing there because the soil is erosive and too loose.

This is the same thing that happens to our hearts. In this world, we have sin, and when left to its own accord, our hearts will be left with infertile soil that only produces weeds that choke out anything good. The weeds may be trying to repair what is broken, but it is all in vain. Nothing good will grow there.

But, there is truly Good News. When God sent Adam and Eve from the garden, He gently clothed His children and provided enough for them to survive and find their way back to Him. It wouldn’t always be easy, and there would be temptations and sin, but God started to work the soil in their hearts and give them what they needed to make room for Him to grow again.

He wants to get rid of our shame, guilt, and hiding. He wants to draw us back to Him through His Son Jesus. Only Jesus can take away our sin. Only Jesus can allow us to commune with God again. Only Jesus can rip away the thorns around our hearts, sift through the weeds, diagnose the problem, and allow new things to grow slowly over time as we come closer to Him.

Luke 8:15: “As for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience.”


Go outside and look in your yard. Try to identify some weeds that may be growing in your garden or lawn. Pull them up. Are their roots long and deep, or are their roots shallow?

What does this tell you about the condition of the soil in which they are growing?

What do you think your soil needs to be able to grow something good there instead?


What is the condition of your heart? Is your heart open and conditioned to hear what Jesus has done for you or are you closed off to hearing what He has done for you?

Pray for those around you who need to know and hear about Jesus. Pray that there will be an opportunity to share the Gospel with them today.

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